The “G” Book

Do you want to add to your knowledge about the John Deere G?
Then benefit yourself with my new illustrated book about the most
famous two-cylinder to roll off the Waterloo assembly line.

g-book-229x300The First to the Last John Deere Model “G” 1937-1953

The purpose of this book is to provide a pictorial essay to direct the reader’s attention to principal components, changes, and milestones during assembly of the model “G” at the Waterloo factory. This information was gleaned from many years research of TWO-Cylinder magazine, including their PRODUCTION LOG and PRODUCTION REGISTER.



  • PC 369 Sections Index
  • In Appreciation/About the Author
  • Model “G” Serial number Guide
  • Model “G” Tractor Studio Views
  • Milestones, Decisions & Changes
  • Model “G” Tractor Specifications
  • Sections 8-142 (selected)
  • References and Credits

Book Description:

The First to the Last John Deere G 1937-1953
78 pages plus laminated covers, spiral bound, 8-½” x 11.
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About the Author:

“Mike” Shelby grew up on a small mixed land farm in northeast Clay County, Arkansas. Principal crops grown there were cotton, soybeans, wheat, and rice. John Deere’s that Mike grew up on were a 1950 “B”, 1938 unstyled “G”, and 1951 “G”. Mike has operated a carburetor and magneto shop during the past decade.