John Deere B

Early JD B_thumbnailApplication guide for carburetor for John Deere model B tractor. Also fits other B models in series, BO, BN, BW. Send yours for re-conditioning or swap with us where available. Units are completely cleaned and reconditioned with new parts kit and other parts as required. In most cases, All-Fuel carburetors can be updated to Gasoline. Repairable, restorable core required. See BLOG “Carburetor/Magneto Cores” on this site. Bad or broken stem threads not a penalty. No warranty is expressed or implied.

The following carburetors apply:

DLTX-73 CARBURETOR LATE B ALL FUEL B201000 and up 1947-1952





DLTX-67 CARBURETOR LATE B GASOLINE  B201000 and up 1947-1952





DLTX-34 & 107U CARBURETOR EARLY B ALL-FUEL B96000-B200999 1941-1947


DLTX-10 CARBURETOR EARLY B ALL-FUEL B1000-B95999 1935-1940