Fuel Shutoff Valve

Here are three different fuel shutoff valves that can be adapted to most antique tractors. In most cases, any one of the three will usually shut off the flow to the carburetor effectively. The valves and fuel line adaptors can usually be found at hardware stores or auto parts stores. I use the one with … More Fuel Shutoff Valve

Adjusting the Carburetor

Many people often ask about the correct settings on a John Deere one-barrel and two-barrel carburetor. The tips given here assume the carburetor has been professionally cleaned and reconditioned, the float setting is within specifications, and the gasoline is fresh. Also, the cylinders have good compression, and the ignition system is in good working order. … More Adjusting the Carburetor

Magneto Installation

INSTALLING A WICO X or C MAGNETO ON A HORIZONTAL TWO CYLINDER JOHN DEERE (note: updated Oct. 11, 2011) Result: Spark will occur and fire the left side spark plug (flywheel side) on the compression stroke when the LH Impulse marking on the flywheel passes the three o’clock position. Most models have a matching mark … More Magneto Installation

Gasoline or All Fuel

It is helpful to remember that most farm tractors built before 1950 were designed to run on “low-cost” “distillate” fuel, usually called “All-Fuel”. Today’s close cousin is Kerosene, not number one Diesel fuel. There IS a difference. We notice that in today’s times, most collector/restorers are using gasoline fuel in their tractors. Further, it appears … More Gasoline or All Fuel

About the Popinjohn Logo

The logo was developed over a period of time. It is the intellectual property of Mike Shelby. First of all, the outer green ring symbolizes the flywheel on a John Deere two cylinder horizontal engine. The inner circular wedges of different colors represent the otto cycle of a four cycle combustion engine. Turning counter-clockwise, the … More About the Popinjohn Logo